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Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

3:23 AM

Electric Night

  • Feeling: on alert
  • Current Weather: Mainly clear. 12C

2:15am - Woke up to a full bladder, fibro pain, a migraine, and an intense, almost primal sense that something was happening.  The night was too quiet; the air was too still. Bathroom business was done; coffee was on; now the wait begins.

2:50am - The air feels electrified. My arms are covered in goosebumps; every hair is standing up.  Glimmer and Roger are sleeping, but Violet is in the office with me, lightly dozing on a chair. Her feet are tucked under her chest and her eyes are closed... but her swiveling ears are picking up very sound coming through the open window. She hears something outside, and she immediately goes from sleepy to wide awake...

3:10am - Something outside has caught Violet's attention. I don't see anything, but something has her agitated. Maybe she's seen a small bug, or maybe there's a cat in the back yard. Whatever it is, it has her intense attention.

3:22am - I need to refill my coffee cup.  Then, I'll be plugging in my headphones and dealing with the videos I've been working on. The night is electric; something is happening. Whatever is going on, I'm sure it will reveal itself soon enough...

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Thursday, June 11th 2015

7:21 AM

Busy Bee

The morning is dawning clammy and humid. Sparrows are singing and chattering to each other. I'm blogging here because... I don't know why.

We have another double investigation tomorrow night. Two locations, each of which is connected to the other by unexplained events, out of town. It's going to be an interesting evening.

I have a new client for puppy training. It's a very special situation. Not only is the dog learning basic obedience, it's also being trained for certification as a service dog. I've already met with the client to assess their situation and needs. The pup arrives in about ten days; training will begin the week following its arrival, to give it and the client time to get settled.

Between the upcoming training, investigations, and ongoing research with Glimmer, my life is busy... and I couldn't be happier. The universe has been moving me forward in a direction I never expected, and the further along the path I walk, the deeper my sense of fulfillment becomes. I am doing what I most love to do; there are no words to describe how that feels.

I don't know where this blog is going, anymore. Maybe, if I ask the universe for guidance about it, I'll find out...

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Monday, May 25th 2015

6:27 AM

In Response...

Thank you, Joy and Shawno, for visiting here and leaving such kind and loving comments.  If not for you, my posts here would be even less than they already are, because I do virtually all of my writing at the other place.

Joy, thank you so much for the reading, my friend. It was very kind of you to choose to invest your time and energy that way, and I sincerely appreciate it.  it's very comforting to be told that good things are on the horizon.

Shawno, thank you so much, bro, for continuing to encourage me on this weight-loss journey.  It's challenging, sometimes, to keep going, as I'm doing the physical part of it by myself. But, I'm pushing forward in spite of it, thanks to the encouragement and support you've been offering me.

Joy and Shawno, you both are wonderful people and I love you both dearly.  Your confidence in me, your belief in me, your faith in me, means so much more to me than I can tell you. I know I don't tell you that very often...

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week ahead, my friends. I'm off to the other place, now...

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