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Wednesday, April 16th 2014

9:06 AM

Deep Challenges

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It's cold. It's very gray. It's snowing - again.  The snow started last night, and as the temperature continued to drop, it turned into a sleet-like mix that nearly froze everything.  Had the temperature been even a few degrees colder, it would have. This morning, it seems time has stopped, leaving us in a state of suspended animation.  It's eerie, to say the least.

This morning, I find myself wondering if there is wisdom in sharing my thoughts here.  I do find it much easier to express myself through writing, but at the same time, I still feel like I need to censor myself, sometimes.  What is okay to write about?  What is not okay to write about?  When I write about life from perspective and people get upset, are they upset with me because I spoke a truth they didn't want to acknowledge?  Or are they upset with me because I wrote out my thoughts on a public blog?  Isn't life about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent?  And shouldn't a journal be a mixture of all those things?  I do understand that I have to be responsible about what I choose to share - because this is a public blog.  But where is the line?  Is there a line?  Why is it okay to write about some things, but it's not okay to write about other things?

People sometimes hurt us, and we sometimes hurt other people.  Is it okay to write about those experiences? Or are those experiences supposed to be kept to oneself?  People sometimes make us angry, and we sometimes make other people angry.  Is it okay to write about those experiences?  How much of one's life is it acceptable to share?

Personally, I think that when my life is really challenging, it's never going to matter how much or how little I write about it here.  Because, as surely as I know my name, someone, somewhere, for some reason or other, will get pissed off with me.  But the way I see it is that if other people can make their perspectives about those situations public, then so can I.  Not to come off as a victim or to gain sympathy - neither of which I want or need - but to try to understand whatever it was that happened, to try to see the situation from their perspective, and hopefully, to learn from whatever mistake or mistakes I personally made that caused that situation to happen in the first place.

My, my.  Such deep thoughts today...

Tomorrow night is the Alumni party.  Glimmer is taking a nap right now - she's a bit cranky this morning - but when she wakes up and she's ready for it, I'm going to be spending some time working her on the skills she'll be showcasing.  I'm a bit nervous about this event; we've never been asked to do this before, and I confess I'm a bit uncertain about how Glimmer will handle the situation.  Will she be able to stay focused on the tasks I'm asking of her, or will she get distracted by all the other humans and their dogs?  So, I'm going to work her today just to make sure she's got a firm grasp of the challenges she'll be given.  She's done really well around other dogs so far, so I have to trust that she'll do just fine tomorrow night, too - after she's had a chance to meet them and she's settled down a bit.

Well, I think that's it for me for now.  I hope everyone has a great day - and, as always, I thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.

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Tuesday, April 15th 2014

7:59 AM

Moon Dance

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Shooting the moon was all about timing, and boy did I get it right.  The moon shone strong and bright in a clear sky all the way home, and for about 20 minutes after I got home.  Then, the clouds came in again, and that was the end of that. I said in the previous posting that I would put a few pictures up of what I saw, so here they are.

NOTE:  The glare in some of them was a red corona - a full moon-dog - that I tried desperately to capture. I'm still trying to learn the settings on the new camera.

Also, I've linked the first image to the album in which it and the other images here are contained, so you can see them in their full size.  The link should open a new window.  If the link doesn't work for you, just visit the "Scenarios" album in the Photo Gallery and click on the image to enlarge it.



The kids are up and getting ready for school. They'll be coming into the office in a few minutes to get Glimmer ready for a walk.  She does love her walks to school with the girls...

I don't have much on my agenda today except to try and get some laundry done. Yeah, that's about as interesting as watching paint dry. I know. Oh well.

I hope everyone has a great day today.  Thanks for visiting...

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Tuesday, April 15th 2014

1:12 AM


It's the end of another long day, and as I sit here preparing to write down my thoughts, I'm relieved to say that some of the things I've written about recently are starting to get sorted out - without arguments or yelling or anything negative taking place.  I still have questions, but I am letting the universe do its job, now, trusting completely that everything is unfolding exactly the way it's supposed to.

On a different note, I just spent the past hour outside the city limits, shooting the moon.  It is full and strong and bright, and already, the beginning traces of the coming full eclipse can be seen.  I got some shots I think are pretty cool; I'll put them up on the next posting.  I'm still learning the various settings of this new camera, so anyone who stops by to look at the pictures, please try to at least keep that in mind.

The interview tonight went pretty good.  There were a lot of aspects that weren't discussed because there wasn't time, but then, when you're talking about animals and you only have an hour to cover as much as possible, it's to be expected that there are going to be some things that don't make it.  And that's okay.  If anyone has questions, they know how to get in touch with me. 

With the weather trying to stabilize for more reasonable spring temperatures, it's a perfect opportunity for me to get Glimmer working again.  I'm really looking forward to that, and I know she'll be happy to be back in the proverbial saddle again, too.  Detection training and general obedience training are things she actually really enjoys, so I know that once we get started with those lessons again, she's going to be much, much happier and far less likely to get herself into any kind of trouble - which she's been doing for the past few days.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now.  Tomorrow (today) I'll put up some of the moon pictures I took.  Have a great night, and thanks for visiting...

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